Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Witches' Dilemma

The first step of any plan is that you become the Fool, completely unaware that just under your foot is an abyss, which Shakespeare wrote about in Hamlet. Polonius warns Hamlet to be true to himself because he understood that out in the world there are people who will take advantage of you. We call them "boogiemen," after the Bugi pirates, and as you start out into the planning process, you will meet pirates.
The  potential members of our organization have been fighting our boogiemen. They are allegorical witches who are getting revenge, and playing the five power games associated with revenge. They have taken the teachings and subverted them to their own advantage.

As pirates, they have been attempting to portray themselves as the legitimate heads of the organization, but no one can do another's project. It is based on one's talents and gifts. It is up to Seth, who is responsible for the planning process, to tell people what their projects are, so these "drama queens" see this play as their opportunity to get their life, but they must work within the organization and they have been getting revenge on everyone, and so they have backed themselves into the corner. They are getting revenge on the very people they need to get their lives on a higher level. 

 You Will See project is in its infancy, and will not be the focus of the entire organization until just before the plan for the international government is addressed. The witches are the last people to come into the organization, and before they come in, we must walk many, many miles. 

The first act of the play is complete. Not enough information has been introduced to extrapolate the entire play, and if the first performance of the play will be at the conference in Europe, by these "drama queens" forcing their own agenda and acting like they are the one's to bring world peace, they only delay their own opportunity to get their life on a higher level.

This is not a judgment on them. This same thing is occurring all over the planet. Many people believe they can get their life by getting revenge, but there is always a backlash to the games. This is the topic of our first government proposal. This occurred with the act of revenge against Saddam Hussein, and the power games backlashed on the players of the games. 

The global lesson mankind is learning is that you cannot get your life by playing the games. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Did William Shakespeare Actually Write This Play?

William Shakespeare died hundreds of years ago, and during his lifetime, he did not write a play called "You Will See." No one has found a long, lost manuscript. This script is channeled through a psychic, named Suzeranda Melchizedek--also known as Karen Holmes.

Holmes's gift from our Creator is to be able to communicate with anyone "on the other side." Her guides are the past kings, queens and presidents who are coming back to introduce a plan for world peace, each from his or her own perspective.

"You Will See" is one of many projects that are being offered as part of the plan for world peace.

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